Joana Pais

PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, MSc in Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry at NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA). Researcher at Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering from FCT NOVA. She has a background in Sustainability and Environmental Justice with contributions for the circular economy, and dissemination of important issues related with environmental protection that is entangled with the improvement of worldwide society life. She has been involved in projects (e.g., BIOPRODUCTION and FLIPT) to create value from litter (e.g., process development for the conversion of industrial wastes into high value molecules) and projects (e.g., POIZON and RIVER-SEA) with the aim of developing knowledge about land-based sources of marine litter and microplastics, a problem of global concern with still many unknowns regarding the nature and extensions of its impacts. She aims to contribute to the development of new environmentally friendly solutions to improve the safety of the global Blue Society, creating and transferring value with the knowledge and products/process developed through entrepreneurship, partnerships, cooperation, and services.